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12-Week Nutrition & Lifestyle Program

Sick of feeling fatigued?
Sick of catching annoying colds and viruses all the time?
Sick of getting fatter and flabbier each year?
Want to change what you eat, but don’t know where to start?

then you NEED our

12-Week Wellness Nutrition & Lifestyle Program!


This Program is for:

– People who want more energy and better health

– People who want to lose fat in a healthy, sustainable way

– People who want to change their Western diet to REAL FOODS

– People who need the motivation, encouragement and know-how to make this change


For $165 you will receive:

– 50 page eBook with our Wellness Principles, 12-week program summary, a one week meal plan guide and recipes

– Access to our online Wellness Program

– Weekly online challenges to help sustainably implement the Wellness Principles into your life

– Daily online tasks to keep you on track with the weekly challenges

– Daily online monitoring, encouragement and words of wisdom from our coaches

– Daily online educational information, recipes, tips and advice, links to inspiring videos, articles and more!




Our Wellness Program is designed to take you through our nutrition and lifestyle principles over the course of 12-weeks. During the program you will be asked to make changes in your diet and lifestyle, such as getting rid of refined sugar and bad fats, caloric liquids, and preservatives and additives. During the 12-weeks, you will be armed with educational information, relevant recipes, tips and advice for implementing the nutrition and lifestyle principles into your life, as well as weekly and daily tasks and challenges to keep you motivated and on track. Over the course of the 12-weeks, you will implement our nutrition and lifestyle principles gradually into your life. We have found that this is a sustainable way of making our principles part of your every day life – for good! This is not a fad-diet or a quick-fix ”weight loss’ program. This is a way of life for optimal health and wellness. We know that the program will inspire you to make real, lasting changes in your life!

The program will take place online and will be monitored daily by our Clinical Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Filipa Bellette. She will personally be there to encourage you and to answer any questions or concerns that you might have. You will also be motivated by other participants in the program. You will not be alone in this journey! If you would prefer in-person support as well, it would be best to book in for a nutritional medicine consultation.

Our Wellness Program advocates REAL food. Vegies, meat, good fats, some fruit, nuts and seeds, whole-fat dairy if you can tolerate it. Foods that are anti-inflammatory. Foods that heal the gut and fuel the body. We also lay great importance on quality sleep and stress management techniques. Both are essential for wellness, and play an important role in good nutrition.

So many Australians are sleep-deprived, over-stressed and over-worked, and lack essential nutrients because of their overly processed Western diet. The Food Industry doesn’t give a toss about your health. They sell you packaged crap full of additives and preservatives and inflammatory foods such as refined sugars, grains and trans fats. Australians are getting sicker and fatter each year, and it’s largely because of our Western Diet. Unfortunately, the mainstream health industry pays no real attention to food. And this is a real killer, as nutritious REAL ancestral food can help prevent and cure many Western diseases, including obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Our 12-Week Wellness Nutrition & Lifestyle Program aims to fill this hole in the Health Industry by educating and empowering our students with REAL FOOD tools and strategies.

We do not advocate meal replacement. Almost all packaged ‘weightloss’ shakes and pre-made meals and snacks (think Isogenix, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, etc) are filled with inflammatory foods such as bad fats, processed soy and sugars. While you may ‘lose weight’ on these programs, they are not healthy; they will do damage to your body in the long-run, leaving you with fatal illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Plus, many of these ‘diets’ are not sustainable…What happens when you stop purchasing Isogenix or Jenny Craig? You’ll no doubt stack the fat back on and leave your hormones all out of whack. We believe that if you are eating quality food, as outlined in our Wellness Program, you will receive all the nutrients that you need. By adhering to our principles, you will feel more vibrant, have boundless energy, acquire better health and prevent yourself from developing fatal illnesses – and, to top it off, you will look great!

During the program, you will also be encouraged to include MOVEMENT into your every day life. This involves 3 x strength training sessions and daily aerobic or aenorobic exercise (i.e. a one hour work, a 30min jog or cyclce, a 10min CrossFit metcon). If you need help with your movement, we highly recommend our partner-business, Move Strong Gymnasium, who offer a range of quality services, including Private Coaching, Small Group Training, and 24/7 Gym Access.

So what are you waiting for? Sign Up NOW and take control over your body and your health!