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Spoil yourself this Valentine’s Day!

Spoil yourself this Valentine’s Day!

Spoil yourself this Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentines Day! Goodluck to the crew at Urban Flower as you bring floral love to the hearts of Sydney!

Can you spy our Happy Biome Kissable Skin! BathSoak on the shelves of Urban Flower? It makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, with its floral aromas of ylang ylang and geranium, and dried rose petals plucked from our very own garden! Sydney peeps, grab yours today at Urban Flower 🌷

We also stock our soak at our Happy Biome Studio, and we post Australia-wide. We’ve also just dropped off some Happy Biome goodies to be stocked at Purple House Natural Therapies in Forth!

About our new Kissable Skin! Bath Soak:

Dip your delightful limbs into our Kissable Skin! Bath Soak. Made with seductive rose petals plucked from our Happy Biome garden, detoxifying french pink kaolin clay, calming epsom & pink himalayan crystal salts, & the sweet romantic aroma of ylang ylang & geranium 100% pure therapuetic-grade essential oils. My oh my…

What Ya Gotta Do:

Drop a handful into the tub & let your skin have a magical remineralising & floral feast!

The Real ‘Clean’ Skin Food:

Epsom Salts – Packed full of sulphate and magnesium which are readily absorbed by the skin. Commonly used as an anti-inflammatory muscle relaxant, detoxifier and calms the nervous system.

Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt – Packed full of minerals which nourish, replenish and aid in detoxing.

Rose Petals – Rose petals (free of sprays) from our Happy Biome garden in Tasmania, creates a romantic feel.

French Pink Kaolin Clay – Balances stressed and sensitive skin, and creates a youthful appearance with ultimate hydration and skin firmness.

Geranium Essential Oil [100% pure therapuetic-grade] – Good for dry, mature skin; powerful anti-aging, astringent properties; antioxidant.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil [100% pure therapuetic-grade] – Powerful aphrodisiac, and balances male-female energies.