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FREE 2-Week CrossFit Trial

FREE 2-Week CrossFit Trial

FREE 2-Week CrossFit Trial

Hello Happy Biome followers! Mine and my hubby’s gym are offering a very awesome FREE 2-Week CrossFit Trial + Nutrition Program, valued at over $470!!! If you’re looking at getting into shape for summer, this is the perfect way to go about it…But even BETTER… you’ll find that our CrossFit program is way more than just a ‘quick-fix’ for losing weight, but rather a lifetime of living well, moving well, eating well and thinking well. We have helped change the lives of 1000s of people in Devonport, and we’d love to help you too!

Can I just say too…my husband, Chris Bellette, Head Coach of Move Strong Gymnasium 24/7 is THE most dedicated, experienced and caring trainer. He’s trained a range of people, from weakling old me, to international gold medalists! He’s also a thinker too, and always educating himself – and I like that, I think that’s sexy 

More about the offer…

FREE 2-Week CrossFit Trial – Over $470 worth of FREE training and nutrition services!

CrossFit Devonport and Move Strong Gymnasium have always been leaders in functional training and rehabilitation. We don’t just ‘workout’ to ‘lose weight’ (although your body composition will naturally change for the better!). We train for performance. We train to move with accuracy. We train to get stronger, faster and more proficient. We train because it’s fun and empowering.

Our coaches are experts at teaching, inspiring and pushing you to a level of physical and mental ability that you never thought possible! We are a university of strength and conditioning.

Join now to experience superior, results-driven training and become part of Devonport’s most supportive and learned fitness community!

We welcome all kinds to our CrossFit classes – young and old, athletes and recovering couch potatoes, the strong and the not-yet-strong. Our classes are small group training, so we can even cater for those with injuries, pregnant and post-partum women, and those recovering from surgery and with other special needs.

So what are you waiting for? Check out CrossFit Devonport now by signing up to our ‘no-strings-attached’ FREE 2-week Trial. You will receive:

* Personal Training Functional Movement Screen (RRP $40)
* Individualised Corrective Movement Program (RRP $40)
* 2 x 1 Hour Skills Workshops (RRP $160)
* 2 weeks CrossFit Classes (RRP $72.50)

That’s $312.50 worth of training services that you will receive for FREE when you sign up to your 2-week trial! And if you don’t think CrossFit is for you after the 2-weeks, you’re free to walk away.


If you do fall in love with our CrossFit program (and it’s a fact that most people do fall in love and continue with their CrossFit journey), we’ll throw in our 12-Week Wellness Nutrition & Lifestyle Program (RRP$165) for FREE if you sign up as a CrossFit member after your 2-week Trial. With our carefully designed training program, alongside our closely monitored nutrition program, you will be unstoppable at achieving your goals!

Go here to learn more about our CrossFit and Nutrition programs:

Contact us to get started – flick us a FB message or email admin@movestronggym.com.au or call Head Coach Chris on 0402 733 944 or Admin & Events Manager Filipa on 0408 707 249. Offer ends 30 Sept.

Not interested in CrossFit classes? We have a range of other services available, including 24/7 Gym Access, Athlete Squad Program, Private Coaching, Individualised Programming, Youth Classes and Strongman Classes.