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Nutmeg Soap Scrub Balls

Nutmeg Soap Scrub Balls

Nutmeg Soap Scrub Balls

This is a fun, spicy way to wash your body, while at the same time as exfoliating it! You can play around with your own spices and herbs and essential oils, to make your own unique version.

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Nutmeg Soap Scrub Balls


2 x Castile Bar Soaps (fragrance-free) (approx 226g)
35g almond oil
150g rapadura sugar
2 tsp ground nutmeg
10-20 drops nutmeg essential oil


1. Grate the bar soaps using a hand-grater or food processor (until it reaches a powder-like consistency).
2. Transfer to a glass bowl and add the almond oil. Place over a pot of boiling water and mix until the soap melts slightly. The mixture should be soft and squishy, not liquified.
3. Add rapadura sugar, nutmeg and nutmeg essential oils and mix well until combined.
4. Roll into balls or press into silicone moulds.

To Use:
Place the scrub ball in the palm of your hand and scrub over your wet body while you’re in the shower. Scrubs balls should last up to one year, and can be used multiple times in the shower.