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Remedial Massage Available at Studio

Remedial Massage Available at Studio

Remedial Massage Available at Studio

Please welcome our new member of the Happy Biome team, Ms. Jo Ross.

Being an experienced and fully accredited Natural Therapist specialising in remedial therapies, Jo offers a range of natural healing modalities that promote health and wellbeing.

Jo was highly trained and mentored in Remedial Massage by the head Masseur of the Australian Olympic Swimming Team of 2000, and she holds multiple Diplomas of Applied Sciences and multiple industry awards. Personal development is of great importance to Jo along with her passion for all things natural, especially food and nutrition. Her other passion is: horses. Jo also runs a patisserie and catering business supplying real food to cafe’s, restaurants and to the general public in the North West.

Jo will be available at the Happy Biome Studio on the second Tuesday of the month, commencing on the 10th of October.

Call 04 2900 4417 for enquiries, bookings or to discuss tailor-made options.

Gift vouchers are available if you’re looking to give to a special someone.

Jo is accredited for Health Fund rebates.

*  Jo can alleviate chronic pain, aches, tension, muscle spasms and postural or general muscle discomfort with Remedial Massage.

*  Or, you could be totally cared for during a deeply relaxing and de-stressing Hot Stone or Swedish Massage.

*  Sports Massage will address lactic acid build up and limber up your muscles before or sport or hard work; and free-up those muscles post training, sport or after long, heavy work.

*  Aromatherapy uses the heavenly scented and highly therapeutic benefits of natural, pure essential oils, chosen specifically to suit your individual circumstances.

*  Pregnancy is such a special time and you need not miss out on a caring massage to assist you with relaxation, aches and tension.

*  Bowen Therapy uses gentle, tactile touch/movement over specific muscle areas. You remain fully clothed. Apart from relieving aches and pains, even chronic conditions, Bowen Therapy is known to balance water and energy in the body. Jo also uses Bowen Therapy to treat horses.

*  Passive Movement is a type of body work that can release tension and is deeply relaxing. It can sometimes surface memories and emotions that the body is ready to deal with and let go. You remain fully clothed.

*  Body Awareness is a guided active meditation of movement and conscious awareness of one’s self. It works with the body, mind and spirit and brings a sense of refreshed energy to the body. Jo can work directly with you alone, or with a couple, or with a small group. Bring a friend and experience a new awareness within yourselves.

*  Reflexology uses differential pressure over the mini-map of the body and its organs that is located on the feet. Reflexology uses no creams or oils, and is a highly relaxing and effective method of assisting the body to rebalance itself… a treat for your feet! Reflexology has been known to alleviate and diminish insomnia, aches, pains, tension, ailments, conditions and diseases. Regular Reflexology treatments are like preventive maintenance for your body, you don’t need a condition as such to benefit from and enjoy a treatment.

$175.00   90 Minutes

$120.00   60 Minutes

$  80.00   30 Minutes

Remedial Massage (may include Trigger Points)

Sports Massage

Swedish Relaxation Massage

Pregnancy Massage (not during the first trimester)

Aromatherapy Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Foot Reflexology

Bowen Therapy

Passive Movement Massage

Body Awareness – Authentic Consciousness in Motion (Energising)

Flower Remedy Consultation (30 minutes $55)


$29.00   15 Minutes:-

Scalp Therapy

Face Massage

Hair Nourishing Treatment

Sole Bliss Foot Treatment

Love those Hands Treatment

Dry Body Brushing (excellent exfoliator)

Hot Stones