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Birthing Life

Birthing Life

Birthing Life

Birthing Life

When I had her –

when she tore me apart like

a blossom in bloom –

it was then that I knew

the fragility of life,

the miracle of life.

My body broken.

And hers so small,

but with a strength

and a zeal

that scared me.

It wrapped its arms around my trunk

and squeezed me to survive.

By Dr Filipa Bellette, PhD


When I had my first baby, this was a turning point in my life. Poppy was born on the same day I received my examiners report to say my PhD Thesis had passed. It was as if I had birthed two babies that day! It took me a month to read that four-page examiners report, during spare minutes on the toilet while the baby was asleep. Pre-baby I would’ve immediatelty devoured every word of that report. But suddenly my hours were consumed not only by a needy new-born, but also by trying to work out how to care for my own broken body after a traumatic and invasive birth. A mother now, I had no choice but to soldier on – to survive (and thrive) for Poppy, and to find myself again. Part of this journey involved getting back to nature, eating real food, experimenting with natural therapies for healing. My whole perspective on ‘living’ completely changed! My PhD thesis had been grounded in the power that words (and creativity) have to transform change. At this point in time, it seemed a natural – and necessary – progression, to tunnel that focus in on changing what I – and others – consider ‘health’ to be. I embarked on studying Nutritional Medicine, eager to learn new (and natural) ways of achieving true health and wellness.

As a Practitioner now, I get so excited every day to share this knowledge with others, and to help others achieve an amazing body, mind and spirit. It’s not about taking a quick-fix (bandaid!) pill. Or getting cut-open. Or  even just ‘surviving’.  It’s about tapping in to your own unique body, working out your own unique imbalances, and figuring out natural ways to support your body’s healing processes, to bring you back into balance.

If you need help trying to figure out the complexities of your own imbalances, if you want an evidence-based – yet still natural! – treatment-plan to get you buzzing with an abundance of health again, feel free to contact me for a Nutritional Medicine Consultation. During a consultation, I will look in depth at your presenting symptoms, conduct an overall Health & Neuro-Mood Appraisal, conduct a Bio-Impedence Analysis to get a base-line of your body composition and health markers, and analyse every detail of your current diet. If needed, we will also do clinical pathology testing (which goes beyond what GP’s usually offer). From there, with your compliance, I’ll create a treatment plan with individualised dietary & lifestyle modifications, and a nutraceuticals plan using high-quality, medicinal-grade, practitioner-only supplements. Together, let’s birth a new body and a new life for you!