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What’s in your mascara?

What’s in your mascara?

What’s in your mascara?

Would you put poison on your eyes? I doubt not. At least, I doubt you’d do it consciously and willingly.

The crazy thing is, is that conventional mascara contains a bunch of potentially harmful ingredients, that can cause issues from skin irritation to the development of cancerous cells! Being a Nutritional & Functional Medicine Practitioner, I am extremely conscious not only of the food I put in my mouth, but also of the stuff I put on my body. Essentially it all ends up in our cells the same way, and puts a tremendous load on our livers to try and get rid of all the nasties we are exposed to.

On Saturday (4 Nov) from 2-5pm, I’ll be teaching a group of wonderful, conscientious women how to reduce their toxic-load, and make better, more natural cosmetic choices. During this DIY Toxin-Free Makeup workshop, I’ll also be teaching how to make five bespoke makeup products, including mascara, lipstick, foundation, blush and eyeshadow. You’ll even get to take your own creations home! We still have a few spaces left in this workshop, so if you’ve been thinking about coming, pop over to our online shop to book in – http://happybiome.com.au/product/diy-toxin-free-makeup-workshop-2/

I’ve been making and wearing my own mascara for over a year now. You will be amazed at how quick and easy it is to make. Like seriously, you can whip up your OWN mascara in a matter of minutes. So cool! Does it work? It works good enough for me! The mascara isn’t super thick (it’s not going to turn your lashes into a bushy black forest!), but it does offer a nice natural tint to give some definition to your eyes. While this mascara isn’t waterproof, it stays on pretty darn well. Occasionally it might leave a little residue underneath your eyebrow (which is quite an oily part of the face). No biggie though, it easily wipes off, and it doesn’t happen all the time. It’s a far better alternative to the crap most women put on their lashes!

Mascara is in the top five most popular cosmetic products on the market. I’ve had so many people ask me: when are you holding a workshop to make mascara, or when are you selling it? So many ladies cannot live without it! Well you don’t have to live without it, you just need to choose a natural plant-based mascara. These are just a few ingredients that are usually found in regular mascara, and other makeup products…Thought it might help motivate you to make the switch to natural 😉

Preservative used in many beauty products. Use of this chemical is restricted in the European Union (but not in Australia!) because of links to cancer and endocrine disruption.Propylparaben
Frequently used in cosmetics. Can irritate skin and eyes and cause allergic reactions. Some studies have also raised concerns about endocrine disruption, cancer and other toxic effects.

Propylene/Butylene Glycol (PG)
The Environmental Protection Agency lists PG as an ingredient in fertiliser, and it is also used in automotive coolant or antifreeze. In makeup, it prevents your products from melting or freezing at extreme temperatures. It also acts as a humectant to prevent moisture from evaporating from the skin. Petroleum-based PG is linked to problems with fertility and issues in development. It can irritate the eyes and skin.

Retinyl Palmitate
Synthetic form of vitamin A used in makeup that may be toxic to pregnant women. Exposure linked to cancer and reproductive effects. Shown to speed up skin tumors in presence of sunlight.

Coal Tar
Coal tar is considered a carcinogen that is linked to fertility issues, as well as to allergies and skin irritations. Banned in EU and Southeast Asia. Coal tar is also known as FD&C Red No.6.