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Beat the Sugar Craving!

Beat the Sugar Craving!

Beat the Sugar Craving!

Dessert time! 😂Sugar-free for me means no sugar – refined or natural – except some fruits. Usually I would treat myself to a homemade raw slice or some other ‘healthy’ dessert after the kids go to bed. But I’ve vowed no sugar until I re-test my adrenals in June.

I’ve been managing pretty well. No cravings or withdrawal symptoms (I credit this to my awesome practitioner-only blood-sugar regulating supplements!), but last night I was feeling really tired because miss 2yo has been sick and not sleeping, and I really just wanted SUGAR!!! 

Instead I made a little bowl of SUPER ZINGY food to explode my taste-buds – some gorgeous fresh olives from the market last night, @loveyourgutsco sauerkraut, my homemade nut & seed butter, and some chicken breast to keep my blood sugar levels stable and happy 😊

This was delish and totally did the trick…in tricking my sugar-wanting tastebuds 😜

Have you got any strategies for beating the sugar-wanting?

I also:

*drink a yummy herbal tea.
*brush my teeth.
*eat some nuts or a small piece of fruit with some nut butter or protein.
*dress myself in a divine essential oil and feel very special.
*close my eyes and repeat an affirmation.
*visually think about the nastiness that sugar causes in the body.
*remember why I’m avoiding sugar, and the healing benefits. This one always works, when I think about it hard enough, 100% of the time.