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Peach Buckwheat Cake

Peach Buckwheat Cake

Peach Buckwheat Cake

Our glorious peaches have all fallen off our tree, so we’ve been having a lot of peach dishes of late – including this yummy gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free Peach Buckwheat Cake.  It’s a little bit yummy!


2 cups buckwheat flour
2 tsp baking powder
2 tsp ground cardamom + extra for sprinkling
Pinch of salt
1 cup rapadura sugar + a little for sprinkling
1 cup coconut oil
4 eggs
6 – 8 peaches, yellow or white


Heat oven to 180°c.

Using a sharp knife cut the peaches in half along the seam, then twist to separate the two halves, discarding the stone. You’ll need enough peach halves to cover the top of your cake.

In a small bowl sift together the flour, baking powder, salt, and one teaspoon of the ground cardamom.

In a larger bowl whisk the coconut oil with the rapadura sugar until well combined. If your coconut oil is hardened, melt it on a low heat first. Beat the eggs into the wet mixture, then add the dry ingredients, mixing until just combined.

Grease the sides of a springform tin with a bit of coconut oil, and line the bottom with baking paper. Spoon the batter into the tin and smooth out the top with the back of a spoon. Arrange the peaches cut side down all over the batter, covering the whole cake. Sprinkle with the remaining sugar and cardamom.

Bake in your preheated oven for 45 – 50 minutes. Leave to cool in the tin, then gently remove, and tuck in.