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Food Allergy Testing

Food Allergy Testing

Food Allergy Testing

When it comes to the gut, the three major sources of INFLAMMATION are:

– Stress
– Microbiota pathogens
– Reactive foods

I often address first adrenal stress hormones as they directly affect the gut, and also run a complete microbiome stool test to address pathogens, microbiome/dysbiosis, leaky gut & digestive dysfunctions. Most of the time, symptoms disappear after addressing these systems, but sometimes symptoms don’t get completely better, which can mean the body, after a state of imbalance, is still reacting negatively to certain foods.
Could food be contributing to your health issues? Of course crappy, processed foods are going to cause inflammation – but what about healthy wholefoods?
The image above is a snippet of my own IgA+IgG Food Allergy Test that I did recently. I’m always aiming for OPTIMAL HEALTH, so I was super keen to see if I was reacting to certain foods, especially after doing my own extensive gut work. Although MANY (in fact, almost ALL) of my symptoms have been resolved after doing gut/brain/adrenal/liver work, I still can breakout with pimples sometimes, and sometimes just feel ‘off’.

Fortunately, my test didn’t come back with any high food reactions, but I did have a handful of foods I was reacting to in moderate & low levels, including:

– Milk
– Cheddar cheese
– Egg yolk & white
– Banana
– Blueberry (boooo!!!)
– Cranberry
– Pineapple
– Kidney beans
– Sesame seeds (major boooo!!!)

Some of these foods were not that surprising – i.e. the eggs and dairy products I picked up when I did my massive elimination diet overhaul last year. But the other foods were quite surprising, especially the blueberries & sesame seeds…which I loooooove and eat loads of, especially tahini!!!

I tested out tahini the other week by eating a considerable amount of my amazing Tahini Fudge at night, and every morning after eating it I woke up with an inflamed wrist and a bloodshot eye! This happened like three times! I also noticed I got a slight headache just after I ate it. Dairy & eggs I have noticed will also cause my skin to erupt in pimples.

Could a food you love and eat regularly be causing inflammation in your own body? Could it be causing your skin issues, headaches, depression, fatigue, even weight-loss resistance?

Raise your standards and test!

Filipa Bellette
Clinical Nutritionist
Functional Medicine Practitioner