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3 Types of Brain Imbalances

3 Types of Brain Imbalances

3 Types of Brain Imbalances

Depression, Anxiety, Irritability, OCD, Addictions, Fatigue, Insomnia…

These are all signs that the NEUROTRANSMITTERS in your brain may be IMBALANCED.

Why might your brain be out of whack?

Here are THREE REASONS why:

1. Neurotransmitter Deficiency – your neurotransmitters may be deficient due to poor diet or digestive function, stress, lack of sleep, or drug or supplement depletion.

2. Damaged Neurons – your brain may be damaged due to physical trauma, such as a bad knock to the head or toxin overload in the body that can kill off neurons.

3. Genetic Factors – you may have been born with genetic defects which don’t allow you to properly process nutrients needed for brain health. If you’ve ALWAYS felt depressed or anxious etc., ever since a little child, it’s highly likely genetics play a role in your mental health issues.

The good news is…These three imbalances are all TREATABLE! We just need to first find out what is out of balance in the body (I use specialty functional medicine testing to do this), and treat the IMBALANCE & the CAUSE.

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~ Filipa Bellette
Clinical Nutritionist
Functional Medicine Practitioner