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Boosting Dopamine Levels

Boosting Dopamine Levels

Boosting Dopamine Levels

Move over jelly-belly-to-six-pack-abs before-&-afters…

This is MY KIND of before & after!

This is a snapshot of MY BRAIN. Homovanillate is a dopamine (neurotransmitter) metabolite that can be detected in urine. In my first functional medicine urine test, my dopamine levels were very low.

Low. Low. Low. And I felt it! Anxiety, moodiness, OCD repetitive thinking/worrying, lack of joy, self-worth & distrust.

After working on my dopamine levels and the underlying causes that led to the burn out of my dopamine, I retested a year later…and the results speak for themselves!

Dopamine levels are back in normal range, and my mind is so much more balanced. Having this level of detailed testing has TOTALLY transformed my health, as well as my clinical practice & ability to help others.

Do you have low dopamine levels? Symptoms might include:

👉 Depression
👉 Anxiety
👉 Mood imbalances
👉 Brain fog
👉 Addictive behaviours
👉 Low self-confidence
👉 Difficulty feeling joy
👉 Low libido & hormonal imbalances
👉 Tremors, shaking, restless leg, Parkinson’s symptoms
👉 Diminished appetite
👉 Emotional eating & cravings
👉 Fatigue
👉 Physical pain & exhaustion

Come along an learn more at my Mental Health & Functional Medicine event NEXT SATURDAY. Or book in for a 1:1 Functional Medicine Consultation.

~ Filipa Bellette
Clinical Nutritionist
Functional Medicine Practitioner