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Creating Healthy Habits, Not Restrictions

Creating Healthy Habits, Not Restrictions

Creating Healthy Habits, Not Restrictions

My job as a Functional Medicine practitioner is ultimately to coach clients to create healthy habits. These habits not only assist with healing body systems (alongside lab testing & natural medicines), but will also maintain health & wellness once we have finished up with nutraceutical treatment.

Now, these ‘healthy habits’ may be seen by some people as ‘nourishment’, while others may see them as ‘restrictions’ or ‘punishments’.

Take me for example. I always suspected dairy wasn’t good for my body, and I reduced/avoided most sources. But I was still having dairy here and there, because I LOVE good quality yogurt and cheese and butter! It wasn’t until I did my own Delayed Food Allergy Test and scientifically saw how my body was reacting to dairy, that I knew I had to say goodbye to the beloved cow.

At first, I felt RESTRICTED. I’d see cheese platters or creamy cow’s yogurt and pine for it. I even caved quite a lot and ended up eating it. Most of the time it was a small amount – but even that tiny amount of milk solid caused inflammation in my body.

Eventually I got to the stage where I recognised unmistakably these signs of inflammation every time I had dairy. And it was then that my mindset changed – I was causing HARM to my body, and the only RESTRICTION was that I was RESTRICTING my body’s ability to fully heal.

From then on, my choice to avoid dairy become one of NOURISHMENT, not RESTRICTION.

You see, it’s all about your mindset. Once you make the choice and feel peace about it, you will never no longer feel restricted about the healthy choices that you make.

~ Filipa Bellette
Clinical Nutritionist
Functional Medicine Practitioner

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