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Bio-Impedance Analysis Testing

Many ‘Weight Loss’ programs cause people to lose vital muscle stores as well as fat.

Our Bio-Impedence Analysis system helps prevent that from ever happening!

Often people go on calorie-restricted diets to lose weight. This can lead to a catabolic state – meaning, your body begins to eat away at your muscles and your gut lining, rather than burning fat. This is NOT good, and can lead to all sorts of metabolic damage, as well as damage to your endocrine system and your gut. Our Bio-Impedience Analysis (BIA) system helps to ensure you lost fat in a healthy way, by accurately measuring and tracking your progress.

“Nothing like jumping on Happy Biome’s scary scales and finding out how much you’ve improved your health. Body fat percentage down. Muscle mass up. And metabolic age has gone from 43 years to 30 (only 4 months off my age). Winning! Couldnt be more happy.” – Tim Reid

Measurements provided by our BIA monitor include:

  Body Weight

  Lean Body Mass

  Fat Mass – total body and segmental body fat measurement of each arm, each leg and trunk area

  Visceral Fat – the amount of fat around the organs – Increased Visceral Fat levels greatly increase the risk of metabolic syndrome, diabetes and cardiovascular disease

  Muscle Mass – total body and segmental muscle mass measurement of each arm, each leg and trunk area

  Hydration percentage, total body water

  Basal Metabolic Rate  Metabolic Age

  Bone Mass

After the BIA monitor takes your reading, your results are entered into our BIA computer program and are then interpreted in a report, in comparison to healthy ranges for your body composition, according to your age, sex and height. If the readings are within the correct range a green colour bar appears behind the text result. If the readings are out of range a yellow or red colour bar appears behind the text depending on how far your test results are outside the healthy range. Your results will be explained to you by our Clinical Nutritional Medicine practitioner, regarding what this means to you in terms of your current health status, and what you can do to change your body composition values so that to you can reach your goals.

Determining macronutrient and calorie requirements: 

We use a number of different nutritional plans for healing and for fat-loss, depending on individual needs. One method which has proven especially beneficial for fat-loss is following a macronutrient diet. Ensuring the correct ratio of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fats) according to your calorie requirements can assist in a successful and sustainable weight control program, and for fitness goals. Many people don’t eat enough protein for their needs and goals, and often over-consume carbohydrates. Good levels of protein in your diet will make sure that muscle mass (and even more importantly organ mass) is not lost when ‘dieting.’ Increasing protein has another advantage, it stimulates the process of burning off fat, while increasing your muscle mass.

Our BIA computer program calculates your total calorie intake needs, depending on your basal metabolic rate, goals and activity levels. We then work out your macronutrient breakdown, by taking into account your goals, body type and metabolic type.

BIA Consultation Fees:

Testing, Report & Nutrition

$50 for 30min.

If you would like a short consult regarding your current nutrition, and recommended dietary changes, as well as a BIA testing, book in for a 30min consult. During this consultation we will conduct your BIA readings, and enter your measurements into a report. Our accredited Nutritional Medicine practitioner will then go over your results, regarding what this means to you in terms of your current health status, and what you can do to change your body composition values so that to you can reach your goals. Our practitioner will then determine your nutrition targets, and will show you how to track your macronutrient intake.

You will also be provided with our Move Strong Wellness Nutrition & Lifestyle eBook, and macronutrient meal plan template, to help you get on track with our healthy eating principles.

Testing & Report

$25 for 15min.

If you’d simply like to just jump onto our BIA monitor to assess your body composition and track your progress, book in for a 15min BIA testing. You will be provided with a report and explanation of your results, as well as your required calorie and macronutrient targets.