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Creative Earth Workshops

In our quest for providing a holistic approach to body-mind-spirit wellness, we embrace earth-inspired creativity. We live in a busy, stressful, toxic, technology-driven and money-driven world, and there is a real and urgent need for every human biome to take time out to disconnect from this way of living. If you continue to stay trapped in a cess-pool of stress, you will inevitably become very sick and sad.

Throughout the year, we run creative earth therapies workshops, to help you disconnect from the pressures of capitalist living. Our workshops will inspire you to reconnect with the earth, while also supporting a healthy body-mind-spirit through creativity, slowing down, meditation, and self-realisation and healing. It is a beautiful and energising thing to rekindle your creativity. Creativity taps into the unconscious mind, where healing can take place.

Our workshops include earth writing with Dr Filipa Bellette, PhD in Creative Writing from Macquarie University. Dr Bellette has lectured and tutored at university level, and has also had scholarly research articles on creativity and creative writing published in journals and magazines. She has also won creative writing competitions. Now researching and practicing in the natural therapies, Filipa brings her love of writing and combines it with natural therapies, to create an inspiring and healing experience through creative earth writing.

We also hold earth art workshops and earth relic workshops with talented local artists who are inspired by our environmental biomes. During the workshops, you will learn how to make your own paints using natural clays and minerals, plant matter, as well as learn artistic and crafty skills for creating your own beautiful and sustainable artwork and upcycled relics.

Upcoming Creative Earth Therapies Workshops

Stress Succs: And How To Do Away With It – Sat 21 Oct, 2-4:30pm. Go here to book in and to find out more.

To find out when our next creative earth workshop is on, please contact us.