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Nutritional Medicine Treatments

Our nutritional medicine consultations and treatment plans will help bring balance back to your physical and emotional health, through Functional Medicine lab testing, individualised naturopathic diet changes, supplement programs and lifestyle adjustments. By bringing balance back to your body, you will feel more energy, your health conditions will be reversed, and you will feel more vibrant and happier with your life!

Healing from disease is not about taking a quick-fix (bandaid!) pill. Or getting cut-open. Or even just ‘surviving’. It’s about tapping in to your own unique body, working out your own unique imbalances, and figuring out natural ways to support your body’s healing processes, to bring you back into balance. If you need help trying to figure out the complexities of your own imbalances, if you want an evidence-based – yet still natural! – treatment-plan to get you buzzing with an abundance of health again, contact us for a Nutritional Medicine Consultation.

During a consultation, we will look in depth at your presenting symptoms, conduct an overall Health & Neuro-Mood Appraisal, conduct a Bio-Impedence Analysis to get a base-line of your body composition and health markers, and analyse every detail of your current diet. If needed, we will also do clinical pathology testing (which goes beyond what GP’s usually offer) based on the Kalish Functional Medicine method. From there, with your compliance, we will create a treatment plan with individualised dietary & lifestyle modifications, and a nutraceuticals plan using high-quality, medicinal-grade, practitioner-only supplements.

Together, let’s birth a new body and a new life for you!

Our Nutritional Medicine Practitioner

Dr. Filipa Bellette (PhD EngLit, BA Hon EngPsych, AdvDip NutMed) is a fully qualified Nutritional Medicine practitioner and an accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. She is also a Doctor of Philosophy, and has a keen interest in the power of words (and creativity) to promote positive change. She is currently doing the Kalish Functional Medicine mentorship with one of the world’s best Functional Medicine doctors, Dr Daniel Kalish. She focuses on women’s health, skin conditions and detoxification.