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Our Philosophy

Hello to you. We (and our biomes!) are very happy for your wonderful and conscientious eyes to be reading the scribbles on this website. By embracing our earth-living philosophy, you will make a huge difference in your small space of the universe, and in your health and that of your family’s. We salute you and spread many happy kisses on you many times over, and over again!

Happy Biome is a holistic health and wellness business, offering functional nutritional medicine servicesnatural living solutions, and creative earth therapies.

Our mission is to inspire, teach, guide and help change the lives of others, by improving your health and wellbeing on all physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Our goal is to inspire all people to return to earth – to earth-foods, earth-living, and to earth-inspired creativity – and to help you achieve long-lasting vibrant health and happiness.

By respecting and reconnecting with the planetary environmental biomes that give you life, and by supporting your own microbiome (the trillions of microorganisms synergistically living in and on you), you will naturally begin to heal your physical body, and unblock yourself of emotional and spiritual toxins, and move forward to a balanced and joyful body-mind-spirit.

So please, have a little (or a lavishly long) looksie over our website, and get in touch with us about how we can help you achieve your own happy biome!