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Our Team

Hi, I’m Filipa, founder of Happy Biome, Clinical Nutritionist & Functional Medicine Practitioner, and a Doctor of Philosophy. I am a mum of two (well, three, if you count my 6.7 foot hulk-of-a-hubby – the amount of food that that man eats!), and I am extremely passionate about educating on the benefits of holistic wellness and living a more natural life. My journey into natural therapies originally began after my first daughter Poppy was born in 2012. I had quite a traumatic birth, which left me severely torn and battered (you know where I’m talking about ladies!). To make matters worse, my bladder had gone into shock, and I couldn’t pee – like not even one drop – for the first 12-weeks after having Poppy. This meant having an internal catheter jabbed up my wee-hole for the first 8-weeks of post-first-baby-life, and then in-out catheterisation for the next 4-weeks, to help re-train my bladder to normal functioning. Because of the catheter, I was at a high risk of contracting UTI’s. To prevent this, the docs put me on antibiotics 24/7 – and even then, I still contracted a few UTI’s, one of which ended me back in hospital on the IV drip (pumping yet more antibiotics into my already damaged system). On top of all that, Poppy was a very unsettled baby (probably because she was sucking away at the antibiotics in my system too!) – when she was awake, she was screaming, even during feeds. Let’s just say I was not in a very happy place, physically or emotionally. Even my spirit felt wafer thin, as if it might have torn at any moment.

For the next year I dealt with all sorts of issues – postnatal depression, constant colds and flus, zilch libido (funny that!), sciatica issues, and an abnormal detachment from my baby. It was about when Poppy turned one, that I was given a book by my sister called Deep Nutrition by Catherine Shanahan. This book changed my life. My eyes were suddenly open to the possibilities of healing my body and mind naturally…with FOOD! Could it really be so simple? I chucked out all our processed food, and ate only REAL foods. I significantly reduced my grain consumption (and started sprouting the little we did eat). I sourced out some raw milk. I got onto fermenting foods and drinks. My low immune system, emotional issues and the sciatica pain slowly started to ease. My energy began to rise. My skin cleared up. And people began saying to me, wow, you’re really glowing!

This naturally led me to enrol in an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine. It also led me to investigate other modes of natural healing – to the power of essential oils, to toxin-free living, to creating my own cleaning, skincare and makeup products, to functional movement, and also to rebirthing my deep love for creativity. Pre-babies, I had completed a PhD in Creative Writing at Macquarie University, and tutored and lectured at university level. My PhD thesis had been grounded in the power that words (and creativity) have to transform change. After my first baby was born, and after I experienced many health issues post-pregnancy, it seemed a natural – and necessary – progression, to tunnel that focus in on changing what I – and others – consider ‘health’ to be. It’s not about taking a quick-fix (bandaid!) pill. Or getting cut-open. Or even just ‘surviving’. It’s about tapping in to your own unique body, working out your own unique imbalances, and figuring out natural ways to support your body’s healing processes, to bring you back into balance.

But i didn’t lose my passion for creativity. Rather I began to realise that the creative process isn’t just a form of ‘indulgence’. Rather, tuning into your creative flow (it may be hiding, but EVERYONE has this creative flow), is in actual fact a beautiful and energetic form of meditation, a place where healing on all levels of the body-mind-spirit can take place. Finding your creative flow really can help to detox a toxic or stagnant mind and spirit, and also work to bring balance back to many – if not all! – of your body systems. When you marry creativity with earth, the healing and nourishing possibilities become endless.

When I was throwing ideas around about a business model, I wanted it to be more than just nutritional medicine. Don’t get me wrong, good nutrition is the corner-stone to great health. But to achieve excellent health and wellbeing, we also need to address lifestyle, and the mind and the spirit. This is where natural living and creative earth therapies come into play. I believe that Happy Biome can offer you a holistic approach to wellness – functional nutritional medicine treatments, toxin-free living, natural cleaning and skincare products, and a space to de-stress, enlarge the soul, and reconnect with our environmental biomes through creative earth therapies. And don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the importance of movement in health and wellbeing. Our partner-business, Move Strong Gymnasium, offers expert training protocols in functional movement. Don’t be scared of the weights! Weight-training is actually essential to healthy female hormones. And if a tiny weakling like me can Move Strong, so can you 😉

Much biomey-love,

Dr Filipa Bellette, PhD

Filipa Bellette – Qualifications

  • Founder of Happy Biome
  • Creator of Happy Biome Cleaning, Skincare & Makeup Products
  • PhD Creative Writing (Macquarie University)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) – Psychology/English (University of Tasmania)
  • Advanced Diploma Nutritional Medicine (Australasian Natural Therapies College)
  • Accredited Member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society
  • Kalish Functional Medicine Mentorship
  • Kalish Organics Acids Mentorship
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Cert
  • Bi-Phasic SIBO Protocol Cert
  • Balancing Nutrition & Toxicity Certificate (Kinergetics)
  • Herbal Manufacturing Certificate (Tasmanian Herbalist)
  • Blackmores Professional Mineral Therapy Certificate
  • Co-owner of Move Strong Gymnasium


Jo Ross – Natural Remedial Therapist

Having been highly trained and mentored in Remedial Massage by the head Masseur of the Australian Olympic Swimming Team of 2000, Jo specialises in clinical remedial treatments to assist in the healing of injuries, pains and niggles. Always gaining knowledge to best help in the healing process, Jo holds multiple Diplomas of Applied Sciences and industry awards. Jo is extremely in-tune to individual needs, and takes a scientific approach for assisting in ailments. Treatment plans are often discussed during consults, to ensure her client’s progress to feeling pain-free! Jo practices from the Happy Biome Studio Clinic every Tuesday. Health fund rebates available.

Please call Jo on 0429 004 417 for enquiries, bookings or to discuss tailor-made options.

Jo also offers aromatherapy, pregnancy massage, Bowen Therapy, Reflexology and Hot Stone Massage.

Sarah Mae Designs

Sarah is the creator of the gorgeous up-cycled succulent creations featured in our Happy Biome Studio. Many of my works are inspired by Alice in Wonderland for the whimsical ideas that come forth from the story. She tends to use fineliners to do freehand work, but also delves into watercolours now and again when she wants a bit of colour swimming around in her works. You can find out more about Sarah Mae Designs here. All of Sarah’s succulent creations are for sale at our studio.

Sarah also runs Creative Earth Therapies Workshops at our Happy Biome Studio, including her very popular “Stress Succs: And How To Do Away With It.” After being affected by anorexia nervosa, Sarah worked her way through recovery by delving into art and gardening, and she is now bravely sharing her experiences and talents with others who are also affected by mental health issues. You can read Sarah’s story here.


Stacey Rocca

Stacey Jane Rocca is owner and facilitator of the Tasmanian Art Holiday Retreat , which she runs monthly from her gorgeous sustainable farm stay, Robin Hood’s Well Farmstay, in Sassafras, Tasmania. Known for her encouraging and passionate teaching style, Stacey moulds students’ desire, passion and abilities with her own passion for teaching people. Stacey has a strong interest in the natural world, and showcases some of her artwork in our Happy Biome Studio. Stacey’s original paintings are for sale on our website and in our studio.


Raz is the creator of the Tasmanian-made Raz@tak up-cycled furniture featured in our Happy Biome Studio. All items have been foraged and hand-crafted with unique detail and flair. Raz specialised in crafting one-off designs utilizing recycled materials to create bespoke yet functional works of art. Raz@tak hand-crafted works are for sale on our website and in our studio.

Sam Bret

This dimpley lass is the face behind our funky Happy Biome logo and mother biome icon. She is also the creator of the ‘Windy Moors Series’ (original acrylic paintings on canvas) which are for sale on our website and in our studio. Sam has a grin as big as the ocean. She is dreamy. And care-free. And slightly forgetful. She is a Harry Potter lover. And devours books like a block of chocolate. Sam is particularly interested in simplifying living, and stripping away ‘useless’ possessions until what is left is truly useful and beautiful. You can follow her on her The Rainy Day House blog.

Would you like to join our Happy Biome team?

We are looking for creative practitioners to join our team. We would love to showcase and offer for sale work by local Tasmanian talent in our Happy Biome studio and online. We would also like a couple of earth-conscious creative practitioners to help run our creative earth workshops. If you are an artist or upcycler, with an interest in earth-inspired creativity, sustainable art or furniture-making, or using non-toxic methods to create your art and crafts, we’d love to hear from you!

We are also looking for creative DIY-ers who are passionate about natural living, to help run our DIY Toxin-Free Workshops. We would love to offer a wide-range of DIY workshops that inspire natural living. Topics for additional workshops outside of skincare and cleaning may include DIY Toxin-Free Pet-Care, DIY Toxin-Free Gardening, DIY Toxin-Free Home Living, or anything else that advocates a more natural, toxic-free way of living.

Finally, we’d love to hear from you if you are interested in healthy eating, wholefoods cooking, and using foods as medicine. If this is you, why not get in touch with us about helping out with our Healing Foods Workshops?