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DIY Toxin-Free Hygiene+Suncare Workshop

Saturday 16 Nov 2019, 1-3:30pm  @ Happy Biome Studio, 26 Lapthorne Cl, Don (enter via Jiloa Way)

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Did you know that your toothpaste and deodorant might be slowly poisoning you? It’s seriously insane  that commercial manufacturers put dangerous carcinogenic chemicals in products that go inside our mouth and under our arms, places where toxins can very easily absorb into our bloodstream. Even more, hygiene products, such has sanitisers, often also contain bacterial-busting chemicals that wipe out not just the bad bacteria, but also your good microbiome. Suncare is no different. Many sunscreens and after-sun gels contain hazardous chemicals that might appear to protect you from the sun, but in fact cause damage beneath the cells, and might actually contribute to skin cancer and other diseases and conditions! If you’d like to make a huge change to your health and wellbeing, now is the time to swap your hygiene and suncare products to natural, safe alternatives. Our DIY Toxin-Free HYGIENE+SUNCARE Workshop will help you do just that! We will teach you to make good, conscientious choices when purchasing products, and we will also teach you how to make the products yourself so you can learn to trust and understand natural ingredients.

During the workshop, you will learn to make five hygiene & suncare products:

Deodorant – 60ml
Toothpaste – 120g
Breath Freshener – 50ml
Hand Sanitiser – 85ml
Balm with sun protection – 100ml

You’ll also learn some of the more nastier chemicals commonly found in hygiene and suncare products to avoid, as well as the negative impacts these chemicals are having on you and your family. You’ll learn what essential oils are best for hygiene and suncare products, and which ones can help with physical and emotional health issues. We use only 100% therapeutic-grade essential oils in all our workshops and in our Happy Biome products, as well as all natural and organic butters, oils, antioxidants and powders. During the workshop, we’ll also provide you with a recipe hand-out to take home, as well as tips on where to get the best price for quality ingredients, the top 10 toxic chemicals to avoid, and a list of natural ingredients you can use in hygiene and suncare. This workshop will be educational, informative and empowering, leaving you not only armed with toxin-free hygiene and suncare products to take home, but also leaving you motivated to make a difference to you and your family’s health and emotional wellbeing.

No pre-shopping or supplies required, just register and show up! The workshop is $70* and covers all supplies, containers, oils, recipe booklet, paleo treats, herbal teas & a wealth of invaluable knowledge! (*Early-bird registration one-week prior to the event is $70; after the one-week mark is $80).

Space is limited in the workshop and will require pre-purchased registration to ensure we have enough room and supplies for everyone.

All welcome! Looking forward to seeing you there!


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