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DIY Toxin-Free MAKEUP Workshop

DIY Toxin-Free MAKEUP Workshop


DIY Toxin-Free MAKEUP Workshop

Saturday 21 March 2020, 1-4:30m  @ Happy Biome Studio, 26 Lapthorne Cl, Don (enter via Jiloa Way)

$90 early bird rego ($100 when booking in 1-week prior).

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Ditch the toxins from your cosmetic bag and embrace earth ingredients to make your very own mineral makeup! Doing it yourself, you can make bespoke products to suit your skin-tone (and your personality!). The best part, however, is how empowered you will feel by consciously choosing natural beauty for your health!
Living naturally doesn’t mean drab and boring. You can enhance your pretty face with earth’s colourful minerals, and feel confident that you won’t be burdening your body and mind with unnecessary and irresponsible toxins. Your body is a temple, so let it shine!
During this workshop, you will learn to make five makeup products, which you will get to take home:
1 x Lipstick
1 x Mascara
1 x Eyeshadow
1 x Blush
1 x Foundation***
You’ll also learn some of the more nastier toxins commonly found in makeup to avoid, as well as the negative impacts these chemicals are having on you. You’ll learn what natural ingredients are best to use in makeup – from oils, butters and waxes, to mineral powders and essential oils. You’ll also learn colour mixing techniques, and have the chance to get creative to make your own shades. This workshop will be educational, informative, fun and empowering, leaving you not only armed with some pretty nifty (and profesh-looking!) makeup products to take home, but also leaving you motivated to make a difference to you and your family’s health and wellbeing.
No pre-shopping or supplies required, just register and show up! ***You may, however, want to bring your foundation that you’re currently using, as it’s easier to create the right colour foundation for you, by trying to match it to your current foundation (rather than looking at your skin-tone).
The workshop is $90* and covers all ingredients, containers, recipe & information booklet, herbal tea & paleo treats, and invaluable knowledge. (*Early-bird registration one-week prior to the event is $90; after the one-week mark is $100).
Space is limited in the workshop and will require pre-purchased registration to ensure we have enough room and supplies for everyone.
All welcome! Looking forward to seeing you there!


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