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Toxins in Dishwasher Powder

Toxins in Dishwasher Powder

Toxins in Dishwasher Powder

I won’t lie, sometimes hand-made cleaning products just don’t seem to ‘clean’ the way regular commercially-made supermarket products do. They might not foam up as much, or they just might not seem to make things squeaky clean like your usual Ajax or Dettol or Omo. Well…Let me just say (and I’m not boasting or anything, lol), I truly think that my “Be Clean Now! Dishwasher Powder” works even BETTER than your regular toxic-laden dishwasher powder! And guess what? I’m going to share my recipe with you at our next DIY Toxin-Free CLEANING Workshop this Saturday (18 Feb) 4pm, at our Happy Biome Studio 🙂

Before, I was using those Finish dishwasher tablets with the funky red balls in the middle that are supposed to provide ‘3 x the cleaning power.’ Maybe it was my dishwasher, but I kept pulling out dishes with gritty residue on them after cleaning them using the tablets. Glasses, that had only been used to drink water, were coming out dirtier then when I had put them in. I’m not really sure why – maybe because of the fillers used in the tablets not breaking down properly during the wash. So much for ‘cleaning power’! Those tablets aren’t cheap, either, usually 50cents or so each. You should expect more, really. Just sayin’.

When I started making my own cleaning products, dishwasher powder was the first on the list. I couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was to make (like all of 3 minutes quick-and-easy-to-make), and the best part: no gritty residue on my dishes anymore! The second best part: my toxin-free dishwasher powder is heaps cheaper than the tablets. I use about 20cents of powder per wash, as opposed to the 50cents per crappy-tablet that I had been using. Plus the kitchen smells divine with the aroma of essential oils as they work their anti-bacterial magic in the dishwasher. Oh, and it’s a pretty cool thing to take the dishes out of the dishwasher and use them straight away, without feeling like I need to rinse them again in case any toxic chemicals are still lingering on the dishes (which they undoubtedly are if you are using regular – or even some ‘eco-friendly’ – brand products).

Regular dishwasher powder and tablets contain a bunch of harmful chemicals. Some of these are oxygen-based bleaching agents (such as chlorine) which are used as a disinfectant, and to break up and bleach organic deposits. While it might keep your plates pearly white, and also kill off any nasty microorganisms, it will also be poisoning your home with dangerous chlorine gas (not to mention the actual residue on your dishes and surfaces that you use chlorine on), as well as infecting the water supplies around you. Chlorine not only burns if it pours on you, but even diluted, as it is in dishwasher detergent, can cause respiratory damage if you inhale the fumes seeping out of your dishwasher as it heats and sloshes around the poison. Inhalation of chlorine gas can cause difficulty breathing, chest pains, cough, eye irritation, increased heartbeat, rapid breathing, and even death. Consider this, chlorine is toxic enough to be a chemical weapon and categorized as a “choking agent”.

Chlorine is found in most household cleaning products which require a disinfectant or bleaching action. Many tap water supplies have also been chlorinated. While disinfection of drinking water is a necessary measure to reduce diseases, concerns have been raised about the safety of chlorine, which has been linked to serious adverse health effects, including dementia. On a side note, another place you’ll find toxic use of chlorine is in swimming pools. The water must be cleaned, by some means, to prevent contamination and bacterial overgrowth. Chlorine isn’t the safest method, but is probably the most common. But consider again what chlorine is: a poison. Diluting it just enough so that it’s strong enough to kill pool scum (and nasty organisms in the house), but not quite strong enough to kill a human (at least not initially, anyway!), doesn’t change that…A scary thought!

If you’d like to learn how to reduce toxins in your life, starting with making your own CLEAN cleaning products is an excellent start! Let us show you how at our next DIY Toxin-Free Cleaning Workshop! This is a hands-on workshop, but you’ll also be educated up to your eyeballs about dangerous toxins that proliferate our homes. Knowledge is power – and our workshop will inspire you to live a cleaner, natural more sustainable life, that will bring health, joy and empowerment to your family! 🙂

p.s. If you’re not interested in DIY-ing, you can purchase our Be Clean Now! Dishwasher Powder here. We also have this product available for purchase Relish Whole Foods and Purple House Natural Therapies .


DIY Toxin-Free CLEANING Workshop

– Saturday 18 Feb, 4pm – 6pm
– Happy Biome Studio, 26 Lapthorne Close, Don (entry via Jiloa Way)
$50 to make and take five 100% natural cleaning products, herbal teas, paleo treats, recipe booklet, and a wealth of invaluable knowledge!
– Bookings and pre-payment essential.