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Real food easter eggs

Real food easter eggs

Real food easter eggs

Oh my, Easter is next week! Why not try your hand at making your own healthy easter eggs? It really is very easy, and they taste great (arguably even better than regular store-bought easter eggs…they taste, REAL!). There are lots of different recipes out there, and so many raw natural ingredients that can turn your easter eggs into delicious superfoods! Next week, we’re holding a FREE Easter Cooking Workshop on Wed 12 April, 7:15pm at our Happy Biome Studio. We’ll be demonstrating some ways to make your own dairy-free and refined sugar-free chocolate easter eggs (with delicious superfood fillings and flavourings, including using essential oils), as well as give you ideas for making your own healthy hot cross buns.
To get you thinking, here’s a yummy base recipe to make some real food easter eggs. In this recipe, we use cacao butter – just like what you would use in your DIY lip balms! Pretty cool that we can use raw natural ingredients interchangeably in both our food and skincare creations – food for the belly and the skin!
(By the way…If you’re after some cacao butter, or any other raw ingredient for DIY-ing, we have a wide range of ingredients and containers for purchase in our Happy Biome Studio. We’re open for retail Thursdays 10-5pm and Saturdays 10-1pm. Feel free to pop in today to say hi! We also post Australia-wide.)


Makes: 300g of chocolate


White Chocolate base:
300g of cacao butter
8 tablespoons of rice malt syrup, raw honey or maple syrup
1 ¼ cup almond meal
1 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
¾ teaspoon himalayan salt


1. Melt the cacao butter on low heat in a double boiler.
2. Once melted, add your choice of sweetner to the pot and whisk well so it all blends together.
3. Stir in the almond meal. The mixture should be smooth. Stir in the vanilla extract and salt. Taste it and add more sweetner if you like it sweeter, add more cacao butter if you need it more like liquid. Add in almond butter to make it smoother.
4. Now you have your white chocolate egg base. Now you can add other flavours to make a variety of flavoured eggs.***
4. Set in egg molds, and set in the freezer or fridge until hard (1 hour).
5. Eat and enjoy!
***Come along to the workshop to get some ideas for different ways you can flavour and fill your eggs! This is a FREE Workshop (with of course FREE taste-testers!), however space is limited so please book here.