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2-Weeks Private Coaching Trial

2-Weeks Private Coaching Trial

2-Weeks Private Coaching Trial

Just thought I’d share this awesome offer we have going at Move Strong Gym – 2-Weeks Private Coaching Trial for only $55!!!

As part of the trial, you’ll not only receive personal training sessions (+FREE Classes & 24/7 Gym Access) to introduce you to our functional and effective way of training, but you’ll also get to work with me, to get you started with our nutrition program!

I’ll also test your body composition and health markers on our Bio-Impedence Analysis monitor – which is a pretty cool addition to the trial, as usually a consult with me just to do this is $50. 

Feel free to shoot me a message if you’d like to get started or find out more about our Private Coaching Trial.

p.s. My friend Callie Rand (in the photo) is an absolute gun. BUT she wasn’t always like this. When she started at Move Strong Gym not even a year ago, she could hardly even squat or lift a bar, and she was super nervous and wary of functional training. But like most of our members, she has fallen in love, and has found within herself an enormous amount of strength, ability and self-confidence.

I would love to be part of  YOUR journey of transformation too!!!



Sign up to our EPIC 2-Week Private Coaching Trial for a tiny $55! Inclusive of 7 x Private Coaching sessions + FREE Unlimited CrossFit Classes, 24/7 Gym Access & Nutrition Coaching. Sign up with a buddy and you can split the cost!!!

No contracts, no strings-attached. After 2-weeks, if you don’t think our Private Coaching KICK-BUTT Program is for you, you’re free to walk away or switch to a different program.

What you’ll receive during your 2-Week Trial:

– Initial Consultation to nut out your current lifestyle & goals.
– Functional Movement Screen to determine any structural imbalances, pain or injuries.
– Corrective Exercise & Rehab session to get you feeling top-notch again.
– Bio-Impedance Analysis testing to assess your body composition and health markers.
– Individualised nutrition targets & program to fast-track your way to awesome.

– 3 x Private Coaching sessions to get you started with your KICK-BUTT movement program.
– Daily nutrition mentoring to help you stay on track.

– Unlimited CrossFit Group Training Classes
– Unlimited 24/7 Gym Access
– 2 x Skills Essentials Semi-Private sessions.

This offer ends 30 Nov. Get in touch today to get started!