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What our happy biome followers are saying about us!

DIY Toxin-Free Workshops

I always thought I made “natural” and “safe” choices when it came to my choice of skincare and cleaning products, but until attending Filipa’s workshops I really had no idea how many hidden nasties I was bringing into my home and putting onto my body! Since attending the workshops I’ve had an overhaul of my bathroom and laundry cupboards and now (pretty much) the only things to be found are all-natural products and things I’ve made myself! 
Several months on, I’m still using my homemade dishwash, bathroom spray and thieves cleaning spray… that one is seriously good and sometimes I just spray it around because I love the smell so much! My skin used to get irritated by supermarket cleaning products to the point that my hands would be cracked and bleeding.. But thankfully that is a thing of the past thanks to the oily goodness of these natural homemade alternatives!
I’ve also made changes with my skincare and my absolute all-time favourite products are my homemade salt scrub and anti-wrinkle serum. My skin has never felt better.. gone is the tightness, dryness and irritation that my other (and wayyyy more expensive) products used to give me. 
I’m seriously in love with these homemade oily products and not a day goes by that I don’t use them. The sentiment is catching, with my fiance and even my fur babies embracing the goodness of essential oils!
Filipa’s workshops have helped me create a happy, healthy (and delightfully smelling) lifestyle change.
– Jemima Stagg, toxin-free workshop participant
I recently did a natural skincare workshop with Fil and learnt so much. She is so passionate about good health and shares so much information about how products can either improve your health or affect it negatively. I loved being able to make our own skincare products and it was so nice to be able to take them home and use them straight away. I love the products and can’t believe how cheap they are to make. Fil is so generous to share her recipes with us as she has tried and tested them for so long, making sure that we have the very best products to use.”
– Lisa King, toxin-free workshop participant
I gave my mother one of the creams I had made from the skin care workshop and she was amazed at the difference it has made to her eczema.”
– Wendy Ollington, toxin-free workshop participant
On Saturday night I went to my first chemical free workshop with Filipa Bellette hosting it! To say it was amazing, is an understatement! I loved every minute of it. I loved learning about these harmful chemicals in the products we use daily, but the best bit was making my own products, 5 of them to take home. I am loving them all, especially the moisturiser and anti ageing oil – they just feel beautiful on my skin. If you are interested in learning about going chemical free, just want a bit more information or some inspiration, get yourself along to one of these classes! Worth every cent. Thanks again Filipa, your passion, excitement and enthusiasm encouraged me to start thinking about exploring these alternative ideas for my health.
– Amanda Simpson, toxin-free workshop participant
I went to the Cleaning Workshop where we made a variety of natural and earth friendly products, including dishwasher powder. I am AMAZED at the results! Works better than the store bought tablets, and smells so much less… chemically  And more affordable too! I am a natural, handmade dishwasher powder convert!
– Samantha Triffitt, toxin-free workshop participant

Happy Biome Natural Products

I’ve been using your homemade washing liquid for the past week now and I just want to say that it is Awesome! Even my sweaty gym clothes and my husbands work clothes smell fresh and lovely. I’m never going back to commercial powders again! Thank you.

– Selina Stredwick, Happy Biome Natural Products customer


It’s day 1 of using Filipa’s miracle non toxic deodorant! All natural ingredients. I am totally gob smacked, it’s amazing! I still sweat a little as I did with my usual one but it doesn’t smell.. AT ALL! I hated the smell of my usual deodorant mixed with sweat.. (kinda like people who poop and try to cover it with a tonne of air freshener.. It just makes it worse !!😷). Tomorrow will be the real test as I hit the gym! Il let you know how I go!” 

– Faye Squire, Happy Biome Natural Products customer


As a man with a sizeable sweat-slick swath of an underarm, I can attest that this Pit Potpourri is awesome! So, I do a lot of stuff throughout the day and not only does this get me from shower to shower smelling great, but it also completely gets rid of and prevents chaffing and underarm rash (TMI sorry), but, you know, sore underarms is the ‘pits’ when you need to use your hands and move your arms around a lot. Nice work Filly!

– Chris Bellette, Happy Biome Natural Products customer