Our Mission

We help you live a tox-free life, giving you the confidence that what you’re using on your skin and in your home will be healing for your own biome and your environmental biome.

Meet the Maker

Hello. Hi. How are you! I’m Filipa Bellette, maker of Happy Biome. I used to be a tox girl, using all your regular chemical-laden skincare and cleaning products. That is, until I had a health crisis after having my two babies. All of a sudden I started growing sensitive to chemicals – headaches and nausea, and all sorts of other ‘hidden’ toxicity related symptoms that I wasn’t aware of at the time.
During this time, I was studying Nutritional Medicine, and I realised that what I put ON my skin and what I BREATHE into my lungs, was just as important as the food I was eating. I did a home overhaul, and started making my own skincare and cleaning products. I was gob-smacked I could actually make my own stuff that was not only natural, but also EFFECTIVE. I realised there were women out there who didn’t have time to make their own products, but still wanted to use natural products that were effective, safe and from a brand they could trust. This is when our Happy Biome range came to life!
So ladies, this is for you: live a tox-free life, and have the confidence that what you’re using will be healing for your own biome and your environmental biome. All our products contain zilch-nasties, earth-ingredients only. 
Filipa Bellette is a practising Clinical Nutritionist & Functional Medicine Practitioner, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Creativity. For more info on her Functional Medicine Practice and how she helps women just like you become the healthiest they can be, go here.